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It’s not the right time for churches to assemble – Otabil

The head pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr Mensa Otabil believes the fight against COVID-19 will suffer a major jolt if churches are allowed to assemble to worship. According

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Ghana: Mzbel and Stacy War Over ‘Jesus’ Gets Dirty

The issue about Mzbel’s faith and non-belief in Christ has taken a whole new direction after Mzbel told Graphic Showbiz that, her interview was published by host Stacy just to


Vatican Reiterates Divorced Remarried Catholics Are Banned From Communion

By Morgan Lee, Chistian Post – Vatican official reiterated this week that divorced remarried Catholics are still banned from taking Communion. In a lengthy essay published on Tuesday in the

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5 Things to Look for in a Pastor

BY Jim Daly October is Clergy Appreciation Month, a time when Christians are encouraged to express gratitude to their pastors, ministers and leaders. But the subject gives rise to a question: What


Evolution Vs Creation (only a Higher Power Can Create a Universe!)

The New Times – Isaac Newton was a figure of undisputed genius and innovation in optics, mathematics, and mechanics among others. He is by far one of the greatest scientists

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Don’t worry and be afraid, put your faith in God

Michael McGee – Have you ever noticed how everyone worries over something? Whether something from our past, something that looms in our future, our health, our finances, our loved ones,

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Persecution at unprecedented levels

Christianity Today – The Body of Christ is suffering so much violence and trauma these days that when it comes to choosing a focus for prayer, it is difficult to

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Central African Republic’s turmoil affects Bible translation

(CHRISTIANITY TODAY) Bible translation has been affected by the political chaos that has gripped the Central African Republic (CAR) since a rebel coalition captured power about six months ago. The


Uganda: Miracle – It Must Be Frustrating Serving the Devil!

By Malita Wamala-(THE OBSERVER) And then I try to put myself in the enemy’s shoes, and marvel at how frustrating it must be on that side of things. I mean,


Bible’s End Times Prophecy Linked to Possible US Attack on Syria

By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor With President Barack Obama working tirelessly to garner congressional approval for attacking Syria for its use of chemical weapons, some Christians are debating if