Ghana: Mzbel and Stacy War Over ‘Jesus’ Gets Dirty

MzBel Says Jesus Does Not Exist,She Does Not Believe In Jesus

MzBel Says Jesus Does Not Exist,She Does Not Believe In Jesus

The issue about Mzbel’s faith and non-belief in Christ has taken a whole new direction after Mzbel told Graphic Showbiz that, her interview was published by host Stacy just to make her TV show popular despite her management requesting that portion of the interview to be taken out.

Okyeame Quophi has come out to Mzbel is just creating controversies as a way of publicity to promote her new single. He made this assertion on Channel R. Answering the question whether the production team called Mzbel to appear on the show or not, Quophi said Stacy never called the ’16 years’ hit maker. Rather, it was Mzbel who telephoned Stacy and asked her (Stacy) to put her on the show.

Quophi further stated that he was the one who wrote the question (whether Mzbel believes in Jesus or not) for Stacy. “As the director, I monitor the conversations and write follow-up questions. When a person says he believes in the Old Testament but not the New Testament, the next question that any normal human being would therefore ask is: Do you believe in Jesus Christ? and that was what happened,” he stated.

 Commenting on the issue of editing, Quophi Okyeame made it clear that there was no point in time where Mzbel requested that her comments about Jesus Christ should be edited before airing the interview. According to him, Mzbel’s manager, Nana Yaw Wiredu, who was present at the time of filming the interview, was the one who told him to edit that part. However, they did not edit it because Mzbel objected to what her manager said, saying the production team should ignore her manager’s comments and go ahead with it.

He pointed out that Nana Ama McBrown made her hate comments about Cartel Big J of Praye fame on ‘Restoration with Stacy’ which became major news in the country before Mzbel appeared on the show so the show was popular before Mzbel’s appearance.

His comments together with the previous comments of Stacy pushed mzbel to send a four-part video message on Instagram, calling the husband and wife team liars and cursing them. She wrote: “Okyeame Kofi and Stacy Amoateng =Ananias and Safira of your own New Testament Book! Big Liars! Hypocrites! Snake under grass attention seekers! War u ask, war is what u get!

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