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Meet Dr Trebi-Ollenu the Ghanaian scientist who built InSight, NASA’s latest spacecraft to land on Mars

 InSight, a spacecraft belonging to America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) landed the on Mars. According to the New York Times, the spacecraft is expected to study the Mars’

Africa Technology

Google to open Artificial Intelligence research center in Ghana

Google has announced it will open an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) research center in Accra, Ghana this year, becoming the first A.I research center in Africa. The search engine’s giant made

News Technology

Papal iPad fetches $30,500 at auction in Uruguay

CNBC – An Apple iPad which belonged to Pope Francis fetched $30,500 at auction on Tuesday, with proceeds going to a school for the poor in Uruguay, the local auction


G20 world leaders’ data emailed to football organisers

BBC News -The passport numbers and Visa details of 31 world leaders were accidentally emailed to the organisers of the Asian Cup in Australia before the G20 summit in Brisbane

News Technology

Ghana’s burgeoning tech start-ups

Whether you are talking about a Silicon Valley Roundabout, Fen or Wadi – there is no shortage of countries looking to adorn their mantelpieces with a hi-tech hub. But in