Google to open Artificial Intelligence research center in Ghana

Google to open Artificial Intelligence research center in Ghana

Google has announced it will open an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) research center in Accra, Ghana this year, becoming the first A.I research center in Africa. The search engine’s giant made this announcement in a blog post on Wednesday. Google Chief executive Sundar Pichai tweeted ‘’ excited that we’ll be opening a new Google AI center in Accra, Ghana’‘. He added ‘’ really looking forward to our research teams solving challenges with AI for Africa and beyond’‘.The AI center will bring together machine learning experts and engineers on projects focused on technology and its numerous applications. We speak to Ghanaian-based tech enthusiast and entrepreneur, Klenam Koku Fiadzoe on why he thinks Ghana was chosen to host this center and what this means for A.I. development on the continent.

In the whole of Africa, Ghana is well recognised for its works in mobile money interoperability. And this is a clear case for a first for technology in our day to day lives. Thirdly, I would say it is the political stability over the many years of changes in governments.

And we head to China to discover its latest robotic babysitter that developers claim every parent needs. The “iPal” priced at $1,400 was among a slew of new techs unveiled at the Asia Consumer Electronics Show in Shanghai last week.


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