Catholic Church is the most anointed church in the world – Dag Heward-Mills

Catholic Church is the most anointed church in the world – Dag Heward-Mills

The founder and Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has endorsed the Catholic Church.

According to the Minister of God, the Catholic Church is “the most enduring Church in the world” because it has been anointed by God to survive the test of time.

Delivering a sermon in a viral video on social media, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills said the Catholic Church has been able to endure the criticisms of the world because of the lasting anointing that can never be extinguished.

“An anointing to last for a long time, an anointing to be there without being quenched – Catholic Church has it,” he admitted.

Many ministries, he said, are not be able to endure because of how they criticized the Catholic Church.

Instead of the constant condemnation, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills cautioned other churches to eschew arrogance and learn from the Catholic Church, else they collapse.

“Your Ministry will be short because of the criticism of the Catholic Church because if you criticize something that has lasted for 2000 years. You are six years old and somebody is 2000 years old, instead of humbling yourself to learn something from these people, you’re finding a lot of negative things about them so your ministry is going to be short,” he averred.

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