Christ Life Bible Church celebrates an incredible 20th anniversary

Christ Life Bible Church celebrates an incredible 20th anniversary

10257165_244036909053315_2306246163117887083_oThe Christian Journal Reporter, Christ Life Bible Church had an incredible week long celebration to mark their 20 years anniversary. The celebration marks a milestone in the life of the church.
With a banquet held at Elite Palace in Queens with invited guests Bishop Francis Wale Oke from Ngeria, Archbishop Joseph Alexander of New Covenant Christian ministries and a host of others. The Church presented awards to some of the church members for their dedication and support to the church. The media were not left out; Bishop Abiola gave the Christian Journal an award and thanked them for their support.
“For 20 years, God has been gracious to Christ Life Bible Church. We believe that God has blessed us so we can be a blessing to others in need in our community and across the globe. Our vision is to reach the lost, serve the least, and raise uncommon champions.”

The weeklong celebration drew speakers Bishop Francis Wale Oke, Dr. Panam Percy Paul, Bishop Gary Paul and many more.
God has done so much in peoples’ lives over the course of the past 20 years at Christ Life Bible Church.

Under Bishop Julius Abiola’s leadership, Christ Life Bible Church has a ministry impact around the world. “Bishop Abiola’s passion is to see Christ glorified in this Body of believers here in Brooklyn with ripple effect to the ends of the earth, and I believe we are seeing that happen.” member of the Church in an interview with The Christian Journal.

In the life of any church there are great joys and hard times. Bishop Abiola’s has lead the congregations of Christ Life Bible Church through seasons of both, “In these years they have celebrated God’s goodness in so many ways, from the birth of babies, to weddings, anniversaries, baptisms and changed lives. “To see the Lord work in someone’s life bringing transformation is one of the great joys of the pastorate for me.” He stated.
From humble beginning at the YMCA Center in Brooklyn, Christ Life Bible Church has become a well established ministry encompassing various attributes of the Nigerian excellent spirit to succeed against all odds.
At Christ Life Bible Church, we believe we are most like Christ when we give ourselves away to those who are under resourced or marginalized by society. Scripture clearly expresses the heart of God to turn to the poor, the sick, the widow, and the orphan. As Christ followers, their vision is to provide meaningful opportunities to Christians for the purpose of nurturing and equipping them to fulfill their destiny in Christ.
Global Gospel dubbed night of celebration; Celebrating Global Cultures and Diversity through Praise attracted an audience of all ages from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds, celebrating Christ Life Bible Church through music. The celebration ended with a thanksgiving service. What a wonderful week it was.


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