Demolishing Strongholds Revival

Demolishing Strongholds Revival
Rev. Leeford Boohene and Rev. Samuel Asiedu of Divine Favor Assembly of God

Rev. Leeford Boohene and Rev. Samuel Asiedu of Divine Favor Assembly of God

The Christian Journal, Bronx NY – Divine Favor Assembly of God recently held a revival dubbed “Demolishing Strongholds”.
The event drew a sizable audience which started from October 22-27 2013. They came for many reasons, some to witness and be part of this gathering of people of faith, some for healing, some for divine intervention and some to get answers to their prayers.
Rev Leeford Boohene the guest speaker on the final day of the revival, in his sermon said “what might seem normal to you is somebody’s breakthrough”. We should learn to appreciate whatever God has done in our lives, because so many times others might wish they have what we have.
There are so many people praying everyday for a breakthrough, so if you don’t appreciate yours it might go to people who will cherish it the most.
Look into the book of Samuel; Hannah made a covenant with the Lord to give her a son and promises to offer him to the Lord.
“In the course of time,” Hannah becomes pregnant and gave birth to Samuel; she presents him to the Lord, fulfilling her part of the covenant.


Hannah worships the God who “can turn things around!” So I want to you believe that if he has done it for Hannah so shall he do it for you if you worship God with all your heart.

Hannah prays and says: “My heart rejoices in the LORD.” Let’s not forget to give thanks and praise when God comes through the bible said.

When destiny finds a true man of God his live changes, greatness happens and if you miss that visitation you miss your greatness.
After the final service ended on Sunday, Rev Samuel Asiedu the host asked, “Who can adequately describe what God has done in this revival?”
Rev Samuel Asiedu promised to bring him back next year to the excitement of the congregation.


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