Ghana: Bishop’s Decry Surrogate Parenthood

Bishop Joseph Osei-Bonsu

Bishop Joseph Osei-Bonsu

Catholic Information Service for Africa (Nairobi) Accra — Responding to the rising popularity of In-Vitro-Fertility treatments, the Catholic bishops of Ghana have condemned the sale of sperm and eggs.

“The commercial use of human reproductive cells violates the principle that a child should be the product of a loving marital act,” explained Bishop Joseph Osei-Bonsu of Konongo-Mampong, the president of the Catholic Bishops conference.

“When children are produced outside of marriage,” he said, “That is not right, it is wrong and so that shouldn’t be done at all.”

He explained that procreation is something that has to take place between a man and a women; this, he said, means having children should be done in the context of marriage.

“And so if people are going to sell sperm then it takes it out of the area of marriage, that is why the Catholic Church is concerned, that is not right, it is wrong and so that shouldn’t be done at all.”

Bishop Osei-Bonsu advised childless couples to seek medical treatment.

The government of Ghana has also expressed concerns about surrogate parenthood for different reasons. A spokesman said that young women are being given incentives to become pregnant as surrogates.

Officials are also worried that the unrestricted sale of sperm and eggs could lead to the spread of diseases.

Gynaecologists at the Komfo Anokye Hospital, Dr Ernest Kwarko, said increasing commercialization of sperm and egg donation needs stringent measures to ensure recipients are not affected by deadly virus.

They are worried the increasing commercialization of sperm and egg donation might cause people to contract viruses such as HIV.

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