Ghana: “Churches dabbling in nonsensical things getting most followers”

Ghana: “Churches dabbling in nonsensical things getting most followers”

Source: – International Evangelist and Founding President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Dr Lawrence Tetteh has bemoaned that churches who dabble in a lot of “nonsense” are those who rather get many followers.

“Today if you go to the churches, the ones that are doing the nonsense are the ones whose churches are packed,” Dr Tetteh told Kafui Dey on Monday’s edition of the MORNING STARR.

“Why should a pastor go and stand on a platform and make statements that are not right?” he wondered.

“…And we Ghanaians must also wake up to the rituals” in some churches.

He explained that: “…Some people get water to drink in the church and go and bathe seven times and go have 40-day fasting and go have some miracle session at some corner…what we need to do is to open our hearts to know God personally for ourselves, nobody is God’s grandchild.”

Dr Tetteh said the rituals in the church have become a lot because Ghanaians are very superstitious.

“…The reason why we are doing that is the medium we believe in, the old Aladura Olomo Olomo Ebu and things that if you don’t take care, you’ll allow to come to the Church, and trust me, I believe in miracles, I’ve ministered for, by the grace of God, nearly 30 years. I’ve seen tangible manifestation of God’s glory, but there are some things we still see in the church in this nonsense,” Dr Tetteh added.

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