How Ghanaian romance scammer duped British granny of her £18,000, sex, others

How Ghanaian romance scammer duped British granny of her £18,000, sex, others

A 68-year-old British woman has been revealing to the British Press about how a Ghanaian man in his thirties managed to fleece her of £18,000 and more despite the endless bouts of hot sexual intercourse in a well-executed romance scam.

Beth Haining, who retired having worked as a probation officer and social worker, thought that she had had enough experience not to fall for male fraudsters who come in the name of love.

However, when she met Rodney Cudjoe online, she instantly threw caution to the wind and fell head over heels in love. Her love was so strong that she ignored all pieces of advice against engaging foreigners in romantic relationships which were usually scams.

The first task of crafty Cudjoe was to get her to believe that she was truly loved by him and that he really cared about her. Cudjoe executed this with regular romantic calls, literally pestering her to give him a chance to love her.

The mother of two was soon convinced beyond doubt that she had met her real love since her divorce in the 70s. This was in 2014.

As the love continued to grow from strength to strength, Beth accepted to travel to Accra to meet Cudjoe. They had great sex, according to Beth.

And within five days, they were married, with many of Cudjoe’s supposed relatives in attendance.

By February 2017, Cudjoe flew to the UK to join his wife. He then intensified his demands for money which had begun earlier.

Unable to bear Cudjoe anymore, he had to fly back to Ghana, almost penniless.

But Beth is still licking her wounds, having spent £ 18,000 on the whole episode.

Beth is warning women, especially the elderly against the activities of unscrupulous scammers such as Cudjoe.

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