Ghana: Churches urged to help grow national economy

(DAILY GRAPHIC) The Bishop of the Accra Diocese of the Methodist Church, Ghana, Right Rev. Titus Awotwe Pratt, has called on churches not to focus only on spreading the word of God but also find ways to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy.

He said although the primary objective of the church “is to feed the flock of God and turn them into disciples”, it was also their responsibility to support the society, especially assisting the government to grow the economy.

Speaking at the climax of the 20th Anniversary of the Grace Society of the Methodist Church at Sakaman in Accra last Sunday, Rev. Pratt said one key factor to promote the work of God was for churches to invest in the country’s development.

The theme of the anniversary was: “Celebrating 20 years of God’s abundant Grace”. The church, which started in 1993 with a membership of 116, has a current congregation of over 700.

Rev. Pratt said the Methodist Church had, over the past years, supported the development of the economy, stressing that the church intended to construct more schools to support the education sector.

“The Grace Society Church has secured a land at Weija to construct a school block for the people of Oblogo and its surrounding communities,” he added.

Rev. Pratt said it was the contractual obligation of Christians to live by the word of God and allow their lives to positively communicate the goodness of God to the world.

“As a Christian, it is your mandate to live a righteous life that would attract unbelievers to the Kingdom of God. Your faith should tell the world more about God,” he said.

Rev. Pratt, therefore, commended the leadership of the Grace Society Church for their commitment in enhancing the work of God and urged them to further deepen their relationship and walk with God.

The Minister in charge of Grace Society church, Rev. Ebenezer Grantson, underscored the need for the church to reflect on its strengths and failures to forge ahead.

“As members of this society, we must also think about our intimate relationship with God, which should be the most paramount. We should intensify our evangelism drive to win more souls for the Lord,” he said.

Rev. Grantson said since the church was established, its primary objective had been to spread the gospel of God to all communities and support the needy and less privileged in the society.

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