Ghana: Pray for the nation’s leaders – Apostolic Church

Ghana: Pray for the nation’s leaders – Apostolic Church

Apostle Ebenezer Nsesa AbebresePEACE FM – The President of the Apostolic Church in Ghana, Apostle Ebenezer Nsesa Abebrese, has called on religious leaders in the country to pray fervently for the leadership of the country and the main opposition party to remain committed to peace and unity, especially during the current election petition at the Supreme Court.

Apostle Abebrese was speaking at the National Pastors Conference 2013 “The Leading of the Mighty God”. This annual event by the Apostolic Church is aimed at providing pastors of the various assemblies of the church in the 10 regions to discuss issues relating to the growth of the church, good leadership lifestyles and to transform pastors in their respective areas of calling to serve the flock.

He, therefore, appealed to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to accept the outcome of the ruling of the Supreme Court election petition.

Apostle Abebrese observed that all political parties had a common goal, which is aimed at providing basic amenities and good economic policies for its people.

According to him, as Ghana is the beacon of hope to the rest of Africa and the world, much was expected of the two parties to protect that legacy so that others would emulate them.

He further called on the security agencies to intensify their checks to bring all people who involved themselves in nefarious activities to book to serve as a deterrent to others.

He challenged pastors of the church to be prayerful, steadfast and diligent in the word of God and allow their lives to serve as examples for others to emulate.

According to him, allowing the word of God to transform them would in the long term strengthen them in the dealings of God and, therefore, make them instruments of change.

Apostle Peter Mankralo, the Vice President of the church, for his part, challenged pastors to be mindful of their activities in the church and also ensure that they remained committed to the social needs of members so that they would remain committed to their leaders and the teachings of God and not to seek for unrealistic miracles from elsewhere.

According to him, God in his own wisdom had provided the resources for his people and, therefore, called on Christians to support their leaders to help bring about the required expectations of the people.

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