Ghana: The church has responsibility to change sinners – Apostle Miah

Ghana: The church has responsibility to change sinners – Apostle Miah

Daily Guide – Apostle Anthony Kingsley Miah, Koforidua Area Head for the Church of Pentecost has said that the core mission of the church in its work of evangelism is the assurance of salvation to sinners from the bondage of sin.

He said people have been living in sin since the creation of the world and for this; humans have lost their path to successful living and have rather chosen to engage in acts which engender instability in the world.

The Area Head said this in his presentation to the Men’s Fellowship at Koforidua in the Eastern Region which was under the theme “Holy Spirit Power For Christ-like Living”.

Apostle Miah observed that God in his redemptive plan to save what he described as the lost man or sinner appointed prophets ahead of the coming of Jesus Christ the Messiah to convert people in those days to live righteous lives.

These prophets included Noah, David, Samuel and Elijah who played key roles in their respective callings.

He narrated the Biblical account of the call and anointing of David by Prophet Samuel (I Samuel 16) as a turning point in his life.

Apostle Miah continued that the anointing with oil signified the presence of the Holy Spirit which moved him from the “nobody that he was” to a high level of a public figure of exceptional leadership qualities.

The Area Head further explained that the presence of the Holy Spirit prepared David at that time to among other qualities excel as a King of Israel and become a brave warrior who always gained the favour of God.

Apostle Anthony Kingsley Miah said Jesus Christ at the end of his Ministry assured the disciples of the coming of the Holy Spirit(Luke 14:15-16) saying that the Spirit would lead them to embark on evangelical work and all their endeavours as Christians to excel(John15:1-8).

Apostle Miah was, however, quick to caution that sustaining the presence of the Holy Spirit is rather an uphill task for converts and stressed the need for converts have to be prayerful, share fellowship, read the Bible and engage in many other routine activities.

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