Eritrea: Easter Holiday Colorfully Celebrated in Keren At National Leve

erKeren — During the event that was transmitted live via ERI-TV and Radio Numa, Mr. Gergis Girmai, Administrator of Ansaba region, wished happy Easter to the entire Eritrean people as well as the members of Eritrean Defence Force. He further stated his conviction that the Eritrean people that did miracle in defending the sovereignty of the nation and implementing development programs would once again do miracle in foiling external conspiracies against the Homeland.

Likewise, Mr. Tekie Keleta, Administrator of Keren city, on his part said that the people of Eritrea looks national and religious holidays as symbols of unity and called on citizens to work for transferring such good values to generations.

He further called for reinforcing participation of citizens for the success of development programs and the local mass media to endeavor as agent and forum of discussion among citizens living inside the country and abroad.

During the occasion various artistic performances were staged by cultural troupes from Keren and Asmara. (Asmara)

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