Liberia: Why Hunger, Poverty Chronic in Liberia

Liberia: Why Hunger, Poverty Chronic in Liberia

The Analyst, Monrovia — The twin epidemics, which have survived various political administrations in Liberia, are poverty and hunger. Though the country is rich in natural resources, and once was projected as the richest nation of the world in terms of its per capita income, these pandemics have defied reason, and still rein as the nation’s worst enemies.

Development theorists and practitioners have tried to find solutions to these troubling aging vices that are eating the fabric of Liberia’s health, and it appears Christian churches are getting puzzled and in search of answers.

Thus, it has been announced that Christians under the banner of the Liberia Council of Churches will be debating the issues of poverty and hunger.

According to a bulletin of the Liberian Council of Churches (LCC), the debate marks the beginning of a concerted effort by Christians to launch an all-out fight against the pandemics.

Expected to be held under the theme, “The Role of the Church in Fighting Poverty and Hunger, the debate, according the bulletin, will also witness the launch of a fund drive, the Christian Churches’ effort, to reduce if not eliminate poverty and hunger in the country.

Though it is not clear what the question of the debate would be, reports say scores of youth and elders from different denominations will gather at the New Water in the Desert Apostolic Pentecostal Church outside Monrovia Thursday, March 13, 2014, to brainstorm on how to deal with poverty and hunger in Liberia.

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