Ghana: Use religion to foster unity, peace – Affail Monney

Ghana: Use religion to foster unity, peace – Affail Monney

Graphic Online – President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Mr Affail Monney, has appealed to religious bodies in Ghana to use religion as a vital tool to foster unity and peace.

Addressing the third graduation ceremony of students of Bethesida Centre of Evangelism and Bible School at Anomawobi in the Central Region, Mr Monney said peace and unity were essential tools for development and should be pursued with seriousness.

“For 58 years of independence, Ghanaians have enjoyed religious tolerance and we must protect it and live in absolute peace,” he said.

He urged religious leaders in the country to endeavour to resolve the recent complaint made by Muslims about the abuse of their children’s rights in some mission schools.

Mr Monney also warned about religious insurgency in some parts of Africa which had led to the death of many.

“Africa needs peace for progress and not retrogression. Africa needs absolute harmony to solve her mounting problems of poverty, disease and hunger,” he said.

Touching on the role of pastors, Mr Monney, who is also the Director of Radio at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), told the outgoing students from Ghana, Togo and Kenya, who had pursued six months Bible studies, to be pastors of integrity and valour.

“You have decided to be shepherds of the flock so please live according to your faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Be spirit-filled and try to be light and salt of the earth,” he stated.

Mr Monney reminded them that the path they had chosen was not rosy since there were many trials and temptations, but those who would tread on honesty, faithfulness and commitment would triumph in glory, he stated.

Mr Monney bemoaned the nefarious activities of some pastors whose sole aim was to dupe innocent people to enrich themselves.

“We hear of these pastors everyday using all sorts of tricks to rob people. As a pastor, you must lead a good life as Jesus Christ did. You must read the Bible everyday and meditate on it to be able to overcome the snares of the devil. Engage in Bible studies with your families, congregants and friends.

Visit the poor, the lonely, the sick, the deprived, widows, widowers and orphans. Feed the hungry, don’t commercialise the gospel by charging consultation fee and selling oil to your members. Do not give false prophecies,” he advised.

The GJA president advised pastors to be apolitical and rather pray for leaders for God’s guidance and direction.

Mr Monney congratulated the Director of the school, Mrs Sharna Welty, her husband, Mr Charles Welty and the board of directors for their efforts to place the school on theological pedestal.

In her address, Mrs Welty disclosed that the construction of the GH¢2 billion National Health Centre Clinic which began last year would be completed and dedicated in September.

She outlined plans for the construction of a senior high school and a church house at Fete and Bawjiase respectively.

“These are just a few of the projects Bethesda has in mind to enhance the lives of our brothers and sisters in Africa.”

The director implored the outgoing pastors to take on the character of Jesus Christ, that although Jesus Christ was equal with God, he humbled himself and became a servant.

She urged them to avoid vain glory, pride, arrogance and selfishness.

“Never set your vision on the money, vehicles etc. as others do. Rely on Jesus Christ and him only and God will see that all these things shall be added to you.”

The Chairman of the function, Pastor Stephen Twumasi Ankrah, an educationalist, urged the pastors to fear God and also follow his (God’s) teachings.

He also called on religious leaders and politicians to avoid tribalism and pray for peace and unity.

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