Greensboro student from Ghana accepted into 24 universities

Akosua – Greenboro, N.C. — A Greensboro high school senior originally from Ghana has been accepted into 24 universities all over the country.
Akosua Beoke is one of 45 graduates from the Early College at Guilford — the first graduation of 30 for Guilford County Schools.
Beoke and her family moved to Greensboro from Ghana seven years ago. Her father Frank Beoke said it was a sacrifice well worth it for the opportunities for his children.

“It’s a sacrifice; I was actually in a good paying job back in Ghana, but then the family comes first,” Beoke said.
Amongst the 24 colleges, six of them Ivy League schools Beoke has decided on Columbia University.

“I started working on my applications during the summer as my first letter came in from Chapel Hill, which was the end of January, Akosua said. “Then my next letter came in from Vanderbilt in February then the University of Rochester and it just like streamed in as the months came and I was really excited to get accepted every single time,” Beoke said.
Beoke will attend Columbia in the fall as a Kluge Scholar and has an interest in economics as a possible major.

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