Guinea: Nine Members of Team ‘Fighting’ Ebola Killed By Villagers

Guinea: Nine Members of Team ‘Fighting’ Ebola Killed By Villagers

EBOLA-EDITEDCISA -Nzerekore — Nine members of a team trying to raise awareness on Ebola were on Friday September 19 killed by villagers armed with machetes and clubs around the city of Nzerekore, officials said.
According to BBC, Some of the bodies – of health workers, local officials and journalists – were found in a septic tank in a village school near the city.
The team was attacked after they arrived in the village of Women – in southern Guinea, where the Ebola outbreak was first recorded.
Police have arrested six people in connection with the incident.
The motive for the killings had not yet been confirmed, however, many villagers accused the health workers of spreading the disease while others still do not believe that the disease exists.
A government delegation, led by the health minister, had been dispatched to the region but they were unable to reach the village by road because a main bridge had been blocked.
More than 2,600 people have now died from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Meanwhile a healthy British volunteer became the first person to receive a new vaccine for the Ebola virus in a trial at the University of Oxford on Thursday September 18.
The volunteer is one of 60 who will receive the drug at the University of Oxford in testing that will run alongside similar trials in the United States and could mean a vaccine being produced by the end of the year.

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