Kenya: Christians Celebrate All Saints Day

Catholic Information Service for Africa, Nairobi — Christians today celebrated the All saints day, also known as all Hallow’s day, an event held annually in memory of all the Saints.

The day is instituted to honour all the saints known and unknown and according to Fr Eugenio Ferrari, a Consolata Missionaries, it is a day to celebrate all the righteous men and women who are faithful to God in their life.

“The day is to honour common Christian like you and me, who have never been made holy by the Pope, but are good and have virtue,” said Fr Ferrari during an interview with CISA.

The festivity is however not limited to Christians. All saints day does not only commemorate Christians,” explained Fr Ferrari, “but anyone with goodwill belonging to other religions and follows their conscious and lead an honourable life.”

The vigil of this day is the Hallowe’en or Halloween celebrated largely by western Christian and non-Christians and is usually characterised by costume parties.

Scholars believe the church Christianised All Hallow’s Day, once a pagan feast, to make it All Saints day.

The day is preceded by another feast -All Souls Day, celebrated on November 02, which is a remembrance of departed souls. According to Fr Ferrari, Christians pay a visit to the cemetery and tombs as a tribute to the deceased, “priests too go to the cemetery to say mass during this day,” he said.

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