Let’s entice investors – Rev. Agormeda urges

Let’s entice investors – Rev. Agormeda urges

, Rev. Emmanuel Agormeda

Graphiconline – The Head Pastor of the RoyalHouse Chapel International, Maryland, in the United States, Rev. Emmanuel Agormeda, who made the call in an interview on May 21, said Americans were eager to invest in Ghana and even commended the government for its openness and new direction towards using the private sector to enhance economic growth and to create jobs.
“I am using every platform I have to encourage investors from this part of the world to invest in Ghana and it is my hope that they will find it easy to do business in the country,” he said.
Rev. Agormeda, who was recently called to serve on the board of the National Association of Evangelicals, a gathering of churches in America, said: “I am not only here as a preacher but as an ambassador of Ghana because I have a connection between my motherland and America and I am bringing investors back home to invest in the economy.”
“We hope when they come they will be received well to encourage them to invest their money and ideas to help grow the economy, and create jobs for the masses,” he added.
Rev. Agormeda, who is the first African American to serve on that board of the association, said he had already spoken to some investors in the information communications technology (ICT) sector who had left Ghana to explore, and indicated that more investors would explore other sectors.
He described the new platform as unique and pledged his commitment to leverage on that opportunity to contribute his quota towards the development of Ghana.
Rev. Agormeda said many Americans and Ghanaians living in the States had idle funds and were prepared to invest in countries “that have stable political and economic environments so they could be guaranteed positive returns on their investments.”
“This is why we are talking to them and we will continue doing that for as long as possible,” he said.
He stated: “All we ask is that the processes to enable them to invest should be smoother so they will feel encouraged.”

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