Mboho Ima Ndito Nsit Atai raises funds to support medical mission.

Mboho Ima Ndito Nsit Atai raises funds to support medical mission.

The Mboho Ima Ndito Nsit Atai Inc. of North America held its 4th International Convention and Fundraising event on July 6, 2019 with the theme ” Our Culture, Our Identity and Youth Empowerment” at the Macedonia Community Center in Mount Vernon, New York.

The fundraising event was held to raise funds to support the association medical mission in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.

The chairman of the occasion in his remarks said ” This is an event that has been proven to be a tremendously successful vehicle in positively impacting the quality of life in the putative villages. The commonality that makes this event very crucial for us is that we are indeed our brother’s keepers. And we are ready to spread awareness on the medical needs of our people. More importantly, we are able and ready to raise funds for the actualization of our medical mission goal to Nsit Atai”

Mr. Emmanuel Akwa President of the association in his remarks said “Above all, with our zealous mission to bring progress to the community in Nsit Atai, we strongly believe in strong member participation, and by building an alliance with other Nigerian, international communities and organizations. In line with the Theme of this Convention, “ Our Culture, Our Identity and Youth Empowerment”, we the people of Nsit Atai in North America with greater awareness of preserving, promoting, and passing on to posterity of our high rich culture, tradition , and values of our ancestors within the framework of a united Nigeria we have a duty of bequeathing to our next generation a lasting legacy an exemplary leadership of keeping our flag flying.”

The atmosphere was beautiful, it was a time of  celebration of culture. Clad in their traditional  Blue and gold amidst dancing it was colorful and full of delight to the watch rich and glamorous culture of Nsit Atai.

The evening continued with music and dancing with popular Nigerian songs that made everyone throng the dance floor.

About Mboho Ima Ndito Nsit Atai Inc.
The association 501(c)(3) Organization.
Mission and Objective:
To foster unity, love and cultural understanding among and between other heterogeneous ethnic groups or organizations throughout North America.
To promote events, programs and services that will bring progress to the community.
To offer medical / educational assistance to the underprivileged people who need but cannot afford.
Initiate projects for the betterment of Nsit Atai Local Government Area Nigeria.

Serve as a forum for discussion of matters of interest to Ndito Atai in North America.
All donations can be mailed to Post Office Box 616 New York, NY 10030.

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