Nigeria: False Prophets, Pastors Wreak Havoc in Edo, Delta States

Nigeria: False Prophets, Pastors Wreak Havoc in Edo, Delta States

false-prophets-john-matthew-jeremiahLeadership (Abuja) The activities of fake prophets and pastors have reportedly been on the increase in Edo and Deltas states. The fake clerics, who are alleged to have wreaked havoc in the states by their action, are said to have indulged in duping and raping unsuspecting married women in recent times. Unconfirmed reports estimate that over 226 women have been allegedly duped and raped in the last three years by the charlatans.

Several desperate salvation seekers in Edo and Delta states have recounted horrendous ordeals in the hands of these ‘prophets and pastors,’ who are often clad in the best dresses and wearing the best perfumes, in order to attract their unsuspecting prey.

In Edo state, several unsuspecting members of the public have lost their money to men who parade themselves as prophets, pastor or prayer warriors, as a result of what they claimed to be spells cast on them. According to the victims, these men displayed all manner of spiritualism and cajoled them to pay money into their various bank accounts.

On Monday, a self-acclaimed ‘reverend’ around the Upper Sakponba, Benin City, ran into trouble when one of his scheme back-fired, and he was exposed. Noted for reportedly organising prayers for people for those who need to get their visas to travel abroad, and conducting delivery services for barren women, the fake swooped on a young man who had planned to travel abroad, collected money from him, and promised to “pray” for him to get a visa.

Matters took a turn for the worst when the young man appeared at the embassy of the country he wished to travel to for his visa, but was turned down. He quickly alerted the police that the fake had collected N250,000 to “pray” for him, and the ‘reverend’ was arrested.

In areas like Asaba, Isoko, Agbor, Warri and Sapele, the situation is worse, as thousands of unsuspecting and desperate salvation seekers have been duped, while married and unmarried women among them have either been raped in the church or in guest houses (names withheld).

Unconfirmed reports say some of these fake clerics lodge at a popular hotel behind the stadium in Asaba, from where they convince their targets to part with thousands of naira, for various purposes.

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