Pastor Tim Godwins launches his maiden book The Supremacy of God’s Word

10620749_282069645250041_1309990545410579877_nThe Christian Journal, Bronx NY – Pastor Tim Godwins of Total Redemption Ministries and author of The Supremacy of God’s Word spoke to the Christian Journal before his book launch. On December 14th 2014.
In an exclusive interview with TCJ before the book was launched. Pastor Tim Godwins said that the purpose of the book is to strengthen the reader’s understanding of how supreme or powerful God’s word is.
I think it’s all based on the Bible, quoting the scriptures Psalm 138:2 God said “He has magnified his words above his name, When we look at this verse, his words rank higher than his name he said”
The Word of God is the master key of Life. The World we live in was created by the Word of God, so If you commit diligently to applying the principles embedded in it, there is no way you cannot succeed. Your Success is guaranteed as you commit to do what is required by the scriptures revealed in this book.
Pastor Tim Godwins is the founder and senior Pastor at Total Redemption Ministries located at 1406 Archer Street Bronx New York.

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