President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf attends Church as part of her 75th birth anniversary celebration,

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

As part of her 75th birth anniversary celebration, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made an initial donation of 1,000 reflector jackets to area motorcyclists, as her way of promoting road safety for the operators of such vehicles. The President will donate a total of 10,000 safety jackets to the Motorcyclists Union.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the President made the donation on Sunday, in the Slipway Community, where she challenged motorcyclists to see safety as the surest way of continuing the commercial activity.

“When you wear these vests, you will be promoting safety and, by doing that, everyone will benefit from the operation of these motorbikes”, the President said. She called upon them to join the call for road safety; to be patient and law-abiding in operating on the streets of Monrovia or elsewhere. The Liberian leader also called on relevant government institutions to work with vendors in making sure that motorbikes are not sold without helmets.

Responding, the Secretary General of the Motorcyclists Union, Mr. Robert Sammy, assured the President of their commitment to heed her call to promote road safety. “People call us all sorts of names,” he said, “including suicide bombers because, according to them, we see danger in the traffic and still go there. We did not know that the President was listening and wanted to change.” The donation of the jackets, Mr. Sammy said, was one of the practical actions taken by the President in seeking the welfare of the common people. He challenged his members to make the maximum use of it.

Earlier in the day, President Sirleaf attended a Special Thanksgiving Service, held in her honor, at the First United Methodist Church on Ashmun Street. The guest preacher, Dr. Olu Menjay, who is President of the Liberia Baptist and Educational Convention, told the congregation to reference God, the Creator, in whatever they do. He said that individuals who have lived to see their Diamond Jubilee, like President Sirleaf, can only be thankful to God for bringing them through a successful life. Seventy-five years had not just been completely rosy for Madam Sirleaf, he noted, but by the grace of God, she could stand tall and say thank you, Lord, for bringing me this far, whether in private or political life.

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