Ghana: Rev. Fabin consecrated at Lighthouse Chapel International

Ghana: Rev. Fabin consecrated at Lighthouse Chapel International

43166497The Founding Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, consecrated three Reverend Ministers of the church to the high office of Bishop on 12 June, in a beautiful ceremony at the Qodesh, headquarters of Lighthouse Chapel International.

The three new Bishops are Bishop Eddie Fabin, Bishop Oko Bortei-Doku, and Bishop Prince Charles Addae.

Bishop Heward-Mills set the tone for the service with a profound prayer calling for the presence and help of God for the consecration of men to the office of Bishop – an established office in God’s Holy Scriptures for the setting in order and establishment of His kingdom and church.

He thanked God for the beckoning of His Spirit to these men to approach His cross, temple and altar to find work in and around holy things; special things that pertain to God.

He called on God’s power and influence to establish all words spoken and to brood over every declaration that it may be fulfilled.

Declaring the purpose of consecration to the gathering of clergy, congregants, family and friends, Bishop Heward-Mills stated that consecration is the act of installing men with spiritual authority and dignity, who will uncompromisingly stand for God in this world; men who will walk in His will and be willing to be all things to all men so that by all means some will be saved.

These would be expected to proclaim the whole counsel of God with the revelation of the Holy Spirit, to feed the people of God. Bishops are men who have been disciplined successfully by God in the fires of afflictions, tribulations, false accusations, and opposition by many. Knowing that the church is the Body of Christ, they will give all their energies to build His church, as they have a burning passion to see Christ glorified in the church.

God’s presence was manifest throughout the Consecration Service and He graciously imparted more spiritual gifts to the new Bishops. The Bishops were gorgeously adorned with ceremonial vestments and presented to the cheering congregation.

Bishop Eddie Fabin, Bishop Oko Bortei-Doku, and Bishop Prince Addae, each seized the opportunity to give thanks to their Heavenly Father, to their spiritual father – Bishop Heward-Mills, to their biological fathers and families and significant others. Indeed, it was a memorable event.

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