Tanzania: ‘Corpse Raising’ Preacher Yet to Perform Miracle

Tanzania: ‘Corpse Raising’ Preacher Yet to Perform Miracle

Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam) Arusha — ALL roads in Arusha seem to be leading to the Railway Station grounds where Pastor Josephat Gwajima is conducting a large meeting where he boasts to be able to ‘raise the dead!”

The Dar es Salaam based cleric, set camp here last Friday intending to preach in the City for two weeks. “There is nothing strange or weird in raising the dead, it is very clearly stated in the Bible right from the Old to the New Testament,” said Mr Gwajima and revealed a testimony in which he claimed to have so far brought back to life 450 ‘dead’ persons in his resurrection portfolio.

To substantiate the claims, Pastor Gwajima paraded four alleged ‘zombies’ on stage, people who professed to have died years ago but came back to the land of the living after being prayed for.

He ordered the ‘living dead’ to speak for themselves and challenged anybody who still does not believe to purchase a DVD on sale.

Pastor Gwajima says; “I do not oppose people dying, it is just that nobody should face premature death through witchcraft or other dubious causes,” he stated, adding that people should die at the age of 70 and not younger than that and certainly not through the forces of darkness.

Tens of thousands of Arusha residents have flocked to Pastor Gwajima’s crusade rally, many vowing to test the preacher’s claims of raising people from the dead by submitting names of newly deceased friends and relatives at the meeting.

“This is my first ever open-air rally to be held in Tanzania and I am starting the trend in Arusha before moving to Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Mwanza, Morogoro, Dodoma, Iringa and other regions,” said Pastor Gwajima.

For years, Pastor Gwajima, though based in Dar, has been preaching mostly in overseas countries of Europe, United States and Asia.

“My preaching is not for self-enrichment,” maintained Pastor Gwajima, boasting to be the wealthiest church minister in the country, “I am the only pastor who owns helicopter,” he said and to attest the fact he drove into the venue in a flashy red Hummer which was escorted by a high-end Toyota Land-cruiser VX, among other trendy vehicles.

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