United Kingdom: Zimbabwean mum who killed 5-year-old son and ripped his heart out declared insane

United Kingdom: Zimbabwean mum who killed 5-year-old son and ripped his heart out declared insane

Scott-ChirashiBy Chris Clements – A Zimbabwe mother who killed her son and ripped the heart from the child’s body has been declared insane. Farai Chirashi was due to stand trial over the murder of Scott, five, who suffered a “sickening, violent death”.
She was alleged to have struck him on the head, neck and body with knives during an attack at their shared home in Alva, Clackmannanshire, on December 4 or 5.
However, prosecutors today accepted her not guilty plea after her lawyers lodged a special defence of insanity.
It comes after psychiatrists diagnosed the 32-year-old as suffering a “schizophreniform psychotic illness”, similar to schizophrenia.
The High Court in Glasgow also heard evidence from consulting forensic psychiatrist John Crichton, who said she suffered delusions and hallucinations of “abnormal religious content”.
His report also said Zimbabwean-born Chirashi believed she was on a “mission from God” when she killed her son.
Judge Lord Burns placed a treatment compulsion and restriction order on the mother-of-two without limit of time. She will be treated at the medium security Orchard Clinic in Edinburgh.
The Record reported in December how shocked paramedics discovered the youngster with his heart removed.
Detective Inspector Martin MacLean, who led the investigation, said: “This was a tragic incident which deeply affected the local community, and I would like to extend my sympathies to Scott’s family and all those touched by this little boy’s life.
“A key strand of this emotionally difficult investigation was to establish whether others were at risk or if any other person or organisation might have had any involvement in or influence over what happened.
“They did not, and others were not at risk.
“The investigation was able to eliminate the influence or involvement of others in these events.
“Any speculation to the contrary is inaccurate and distressing for the family who continue to receive support at this difficult time.
“I would like to personally thank my officers who carried out thorough and professional enquiries in such sad circumstances, and also colleagues from our partner agencies who helped enormously with this investigation.” Scottish Daily Record

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