Wells Fargo banker, livery cab driver killed in Bronx crash that left one of them decapitated

crash10n-7-webBy Larry Mcshane , Clare Trapasso , Erik Badia AND Joseph Stepansky / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
The crash on the Hutchinson River Parkway killed driver Ata Noorzi, 51, and his fare, Patrick Sheehan, 54 — and left their combined seven children fatherless. An SUV was headed north on the parkway when the driver lost control, skidded across three lanes and catapulted over the median, striking the cab and another SUV in the southbound lanes.
Body parts littered a Bronx highway after a gruesome Saturday wreck that decapitated one man and killed another when an airborne SUV tore the roof off a livery cab.
The horrific crash on the Hutchinson River Parkway killed cabbie Ata Noorzi, 51, and his fare Patrick Sheehan, 54 — and left their combined seven kids fatherless, relatives said.
Noorzi, an Afghani immigrant, had two sons and two daughters, while banker Sheehan — the original Jack the bulldog mascot at his alma mater, Georgetown University — was the dad of three boys.
“It’s always the good ones who go first,” said the cab driver’s brother, Obid Noorzi, as tears streamed down his face hours after the smashup.
“He never did anything wrong. Never in trouble, not a parking ticket.”

The lethal ride came shortly into a routine morning run to the airport, with the Queens cabbie picking up Sheehan for a weekend business trip at his suburban Larchmont, N.Y., home.
The pair left the leafy block inside the 2010 Lincoln Town Car and headed for LaGuardia Airport — but only made it about 6 miles before tragedy struck.
As Noorzi drove southbound, a black SUV heading northbound suddenly careened wildly near the overpass at Orchard Beach Road around 7:10 a.m., cops said.
The 45-year-old driver skidded across three lanes, slammed into the median and sailed directly into Noorzi’s cab — tearing its roof off and killing both men inside, cops said.

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