Be good stewards for Christ and Country – Dr Grant Monney

Be good stewards for Christ and Country – Dr Grant Monney

Doctor Bernard Grant Monney, Chairman, Diocesan Board of Education, Anglican Diocese of Accra, has charged Christians to be good stewards for Christ and the country’s resources and image.

He said God in acknowledgment of his redeeming love, has entrusted Christians with proportionate time, abilities and material possessions and limitless resources based on the conviction that those in charge would apply them for the benefit of all humankind.

Dr Grant Monney was addressing a bible study session at the Christ the King Anglican Church (CKAC) in Sakumono, Tema over the weekend.

Whiles giving instances of some public and civil servant refusing to pass on knowledge acquired and entrusted them in the line of duty to their subordinates, he said, stewards as transmitters owned nothing, and so hoarding knowledge, talent or information was inappropriate and must to be discouraged.

He said leaders, who had been entrusted to oversee the country, ought to work diligently to defend and protect its resources by putting forth effective and efficient measures to ensure value for money in all activities.

A steward was a guardian of God’s resources, and said “in 2 Timothy 1:14, Paul impressed upon his younger colleague, Timothy to guard the good deposit that was entrusted to him with the help of the Holy Spirit”.

Dr Grant Monney, who is also a parishioner of the CKAC, explained that the managers of the country’s resources were supposed to plan and organize the best use of these resources to ensure their profitable, wise and faithful. utilization as directed by God.

According to him, the idea of stewardship was meaningless unless it began with change of heart and faith in God whose love for mankind is unquestioned and was also the source of life.

“Awareness of steward would make individuals make the best use of the resources loaned to them so that they produce worthwhile results as they become even more renewed in our commitments to service, ” he said.

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