Bishop Dominic Allotey on prayer for the cedi.

Bishop Dominic Allotey on prayer for the cedi.

Bishop Dominic AlloteyAfrican Christian Network, Mount Vernon New York – Bishop Dominic Allotey, founder and general overseer of Living Faith International Church in Mount Vernon New York in an interview with ACN pointed out that: He does not “understand why a man of God should be criticized for praying for a nation that is going down. Most of these critics have no solutions either”.

“The Archbishop is an anointed man of God and he was trying to speak to a situation. Jesus, Prophets and men of God spoke to situations, and they changed”, he added.
“People are called to nations, Ghana and Africa as a whole is blessed to have a man of God like him. He has every right to speak to the situation of the economy, to the cedi so the economy can be revived. When the cedi goes down everything goes down. Leaders have failed to lead”.

He explained that God answers prayer, God answers special men of God when they intercede on behalf of nations.
In his view, people should rather applaud him and encourage him to do more for the nation than criticize him. The bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.

“People should understand there are powers that control nations, communities and so on. These powers have no respect for education, politicians, policies etc. but spiritual intervention. Those powers respond to prayer and prophetic declarations. That’s why when God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, The bible says he sent his prophet to speak and declare and the evil that was coming up the nations was averted”.

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