Book launch marks Rev. Alexander Adu Gyamfi’s wonderful legacy and dream

Book launch marks Rev. Alexander Adu Gyamfi’s wonderful legacy and dream

IMG_8886An array of Ministers and Community leaders joined Rev. Alexander Adu Gyamfi to celebrate his new book. It reflects on Rev. Alexander Adu Gyamfi’s life time experiences. It was one of the most successful book launches in the community’s history. It was well attended with over Six hundred people in attendance.

Bishop Hansel Adjei Frimpong who led the launching of the book, in his sermon said, the apostle Paul tells us in the bible to study the word to empower ourselves. He urged everyone to buy the book since it was based on the word of God and life experience of the servant of God.

In his remarks, Rev. Alexander Adu Gyamfi thanked God for making this day a reality. “There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.” It is the Lord’s pre-determined counsel that has made it all possible.
Today marks the official beginning of a long-awaited chapter in my life and by the grace of God; I join the ranks of motivational authors as I launch the first of many books that the Lord has laid on my heart to write for the community, for the society, for humanity and for posterity. Today, I begin a series of publications intended, among other objectives, to liberate minds, uplift spirits, soothe pain, induce hope and bring relief.

This maiden book is a dream-come-true. Incidentally, the book itself is about dreams. I am not talking about the dreams people have when they sleep and see others chasing them. Rather, I am talking about the kind of dream in which you chase your destiny. I am talking about goals, aspirations and ambitions in life and how to fulfill them. That is what this book is all about.
I do not know what your dream is, but for me personally, writing books has always been my ambition. However, for some reasons best known to God, I never wrote a book until now. But the good news about this pioneering effort, though a bit late in coming, is that it confirms what I share with readers in the book, and that is: You can get it if you really want it; you can do whatever you aspire to do if you try hard enough; you can fulfill your dream if you take the necessary steps towards it. You may be delayed by circumstances but you cannot be denied.

A casual glance around is enough to reveal that many have dreams that are either dying or are already dead; many people are hurting because of shattered dreams; many have no clue about what to do in the circumstances; many have already given up on hope thinking all is lost, and many people do not seem to have any dream at all. These are the issues that motivated me to seek answers and put them together in a book.

In his closing remarks, he thanked his associate pastors, Eric Forson, Richmond Ofosuhene, Edwin Osei-Tutu, George Akwada, Rev and Mrs Ampah Johnson, Bishop Kwaku Asante, Richard Amoah, Media Director Gariel Odame and the Christian Journal for their support.

You can get a copy of the book at

Rev. Alexander Adu Gyamfi is the host Pastor and founder of Bible Believers Terbanacle in the Bronx NY
He is the Author of bestselling book You Can Dream Again.

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