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21 Don’ts of a Happy Marriage

By Rev Charles Olowojoba Bible reading: John 2:1-11; 1Corinthians 13 Just as there are things you must do to make marriage work, there are things to avoid if your marriage

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Recycle Your Marriage

By Carol Hatcher,  CBN “What are you going to do with that?”, she reached her wrinkled hand across the generations between us and placed it on mine. “Umm. Throw it away?”,

Marriage and Relationship

Ghana:Women hunt for husbands at MOGPA event

Thousands of Women, mostly from the Christian community, last Saturday thronged the Golden Jubilee Park in Kumasi in search of Mr Right. The few men present were also desperately looking

Marriage and Relationship

Ten Ways to Treat Your Wife Like a Queen on Mother’s Day

You’ve seen her pick up toys and dirty socks, make meals in a hurry, and drive around town like a personal chauffeur. She’s bandaged up boo-boos and dispensed sage advice

Marriage and Relationship

Mother’s Day and the Single Mom

Jennifer Maggio Holidays of any kind can be tough for a mother who is parenting alone, especially if she is new to her role as a single mom. But Mother’s