Chicago Judge Slaps GaDangme’s President with 3 months’ Probation!

Chicago Judge Slaps GaDangme’s President with 3 months’ Probation!

Nii Akonfra ..Ga Mantse in Chicago was amongst the members of Ga-Dangme allegedly chastised by the Judge!

Sankofa Online – July 6 2017 at the circuit courts Chicago IL :The President of Ga-Dangme Community Organization, Frederica Buckman, was given three months’ probation for an alleged assault on the person of Naa Dedei Amobiye or Mary Mason, Manye of the Ga-Dangme Community Organization in Chicago.We still call her Manye because she is contesting her destoolment in court.

Synopsis of this case allegedly started by President Buckman calling the Chicago Police to intervene in an alleged disturbance at the General meeting of the Ga-Dangme Community Organization recently.(Calling the police by the Ga-Dangme Org. appears to be too many as compared to other Associations in the community).Upon arrival, the Chicago Police officers did not find any tangible evidence to arrest the person allegedly accused of causing the disturbance at the meeting. It was alleged that Mrs. Buckman then informed the Police that the Manye, Naa Dedei Amobiye had twisted her hand at a funeral recently! Unknown to Mrs. Buckman, Naa Dedei Amobiye had made a criminal report to the police alleging that Mrs. Buckman had spat on her face at the same funeral. Naa Dedei Amobiye then presented the report to the Police Officers who were originally called by Mrs. Buckman. Upon reviewing the report, Mrs. Buckman was charged with an assault.

The judge in his ruling today, July 6th, 2017 allegedly chastised both parties when he said:
“I want everyone, both, left and right facing me here, to pay attention to me so that you can inform the rest of your members who are not in this court room at this moment; You are grown-ups and you are capable of solving your problems, that’s what civilized people do; The courts are not play grounds for you to resolve your problems; Next time you are in this court room, it should be for a good reason, not for a court hearing; If you appear here again with this nonsense, you may not get a Public defender and you would have to pay to defend yourself; Someone could be incarcerated too. One of you should have apologized and the other should have been big enough to accept the apology; If you don’t heed to my warning, someone could be imprisoned!”Fortunately key members supporting both sides were present when the Judge admonished, warned and advised them.

The deferred prosecution ruling against Frederica Buckman means she must be cautious in what she says and or does to Naa Deddei Amobiye within the next three months.

We hope members of the Ga-Dangme Community Organization would heed the judge’s call to go and resolve their problems.The problems in the Ga-Dangme organization has gone on for far too long and seems to peak during the period of Ghanafest when the ceremonial chiefs and Queenmother’s are highly featured !The current pitch the problems in the Ga-Dangme organization has gotten threatens the very festival they seem to try to use to resolve their problems! The unnecessary bickering, finger pointing and insults will not help resolve the problems in the Ga-Dangme organization! They must put away their pride and smoke the peace pipe! A word to the wise is enough !

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