Ghana: Don’t Set Your Eyes On Worldly Things – Pastor Advises Colleagues

(THE GHANAIANA CHRONICLE)By Edmond GyebiTamale — The Chairman of New Life Christian Covenant Incorporated (NLCCI), a non-denominational network for Pastors, Bishop Emmanuel Komong has expressed grave concern about the way some ‘pastors’ in Ghana are in a hurry to become rich, powerful and famous.

He has, therefore, cautioned pastors in Ghana to depend solely on God, stick to their mandate and divine calling, rather than setting their eyes on worldly things.

According to Bishop Komong, the only way Ghana could be saved or delivered from satanic influence such as immorality, socio-economic hardships and destruction of human lives and properties, was for men of God to be morally and spiritually sound at all times.

Speaking at a special service to ordain eleven (11) new pastors in Tamale to serve under the New Life Christian Covenant Incorporated in other parts of Ghana, Bishop Emmanuel Komong said that the churches of God were now being mocked and doubted by many unbelievers because of the ill-conduct of some pastors.

The New Life Christian Covenant Incorporated which was established in 2012 now has several churches in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria and Liberia under its ambit. The network organizes conferences and seminars for member Pastors both in the USA, Africa and Europe. It offers opportunities for member pastors to gain international affiliation and international ministering.

However, Bishop Emmanuel Komong also the Head Pastor of Dominion Life Power Mission who officially ordained the 11 new pastors cautioned them not to miss out on their divine mandate or force themselves to become like others.

“We are in the end times and many things are happening in the ministry and in our nation Ghana that are not pleasant and are making the church to be doubted by many because many Pastors today have found themselves in doing what they have not been called to do. And whenever you miss out on your divine mandate you are heading for frustration, you are heading for fakeness and destruction”.

He added that many of the Pastors are using powers that are not of God because they want to become like others, others are forcing themselves to be prophets because they had seen others prophesying, when they have not been called into the prophetic ministry.

Bishop Emmanuel Komong stressed with passion that: “if pastors are able to take their eyes off money and worldly things, I believe we are going to have a nation that is beautiful, a nation that is peaceful and a nation that is prayerful”.

He was, however, optimistic that with the level of training, prayers and baptism of the Holy Spirit the 11 pastors had received, they would surely champion the course of Christianity and impact positively on this nation, Ghana.

Meanwhile, all the newly ordained pastors were issued with pastoral license and certificate of ordination to carry on with their divine mandates.

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