Ghana: Ignore claims by Muslim group Archbishop

Ghana: Ignore claims by Muslim group Archbishop

Ghana News Agency – The Primate and Metropolitan Anglican Archbishop of the Province of West Africa, Most Reverend Professor Daniel Yinkah -Sarfo, has denied accusations of religious intolerance made against him by some Muslims at Ejura.

He said he found the accusations shocking and unfair, describing it as a fiction that should be ignored. The denial comes amid controversy over attempts by some Muslims to build a mosque at the Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School (SHS).

The school’s management has offered Muslims in the school a place to worship but not eager to allow the construction of a permanent mosque. Speaking to Ghana News Agency in Kumasi Archbishop Yinkah-Sarfo, said he is inclined to believe that somebody might be pursuing a hidden agenda.

He said he does not have anything against anybody practicing his or her religious belief and has many personal Muslim friends. The truth, however, is that it is completely out of place for the Muslims to attempt to bypass the school authorities, take over the school and get things done their own way and on their own terms.

Archbishop Yinkah-Sarfo stated that the land for the SHS was acquired by the Church, provided the initial infrastructure and had over the years supported it with library books, computers, and science equipment.

Not only that, the church supplied headmasters, guidance and counseling experts and sponsored a number of Muslim students to pursue academic careers. He said “the SHS still remains an Anglican mission school and for that matter a mosque could not be built on its compound”.

He said the church would assist the Muslims with a place for worship but not a complete mosque. Archbishop Sarfo-Yinkah said the school’s management has been treating all students and teachers fairly and without discrimination and gave the assurance that this would continue.

Majority of the Muslim students are not in the boarding house and so a place has been provided for them to say prayers on Fridays. The SHS was started as an Agricultural Secondary School by the Church with the Right Rev Andrew Oko as its first Headmaster.

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