Ghanaian Ministers Fellowship Annual Banquet

Ghanaian Ministers Fellowship Annual Banquet

Vice President of the Association, Reverend Nana Poku addressing the attendants

The Christian Journal, Bronx, New YorkThe Ghanaian Ministers Fellowship International of New York held its Annual Banquet at the Immaculate Pentecostal Church of Christ premises at Gun Hill Road in New York. The event, which was attended by a large number of Ghanaian Pastors and a cross section of the Ghanaian religious community, was one of the most colorful in the history of the Fellowship.
Opening the event, the Vice President of the Association, Reverend Nana Poku thanked God for the establishment of the association, pointing out that it gives members a forum for sharing biblical and spiritual ideas and enable them to work as partners in the body of Christ.
Reverend Poku pointed out that the annual banquet not only showcases the association’s ambitions, but also serves as a means to foster unity and oneness among members and open up to new members.
He referred to the “Fellowship of the Believers” in the Book of Acts, declaring that apart from the prayer, teaching, worship and the witnessing, which characterized the meeting of the Apostles, there was also the breaking of bread, which also formed the basis of the annual banquet.
Reverend Poku hinted that a major goal of the fellowship is to have a permanent facility, whose doors will be open to the Ghanaian religious community and other believers, who may need counseling in various facets of life and other spiritual needs. He therefore called on members and other well meaning believers to open their wallets and support the association financially to realize this lofty ambition.
The Association honored some of its members and other professionals, who in one way or the other contributed to the spiritual and social development in their various communities.

Ghanaian Ministers Fellowship International Annual Banquet

Posted by The Christian Journal on Sunday, August 27, 2017

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