Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, Toronto Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, Toronto Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Alex Barning – The Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Canada, today, Sunday, September 21, 2014, celebrated its 20th anniversary. The day was marked by pomp and pageantry with all members dressed in WHITE“T” SHIRTS. The inscription is “CELEBRATING 20 YEARS”. In 1994, the DREAMERS of the Church dedicated it to the glory of God. MAY HIS NAME BE PRAISED? The theme for the celebration was “DREAMS” and “THE POWERS OF THEIR DREAMS”.
Delivering the sermon on the above theme, Rev. Dr. Mrs. Dorcas Gordon, Principal of Knox College, University of Toronto, referred to Dr. Martin Luther King, who said “I have a Dream” and Dreams by Joseph and other people’s dreams he interpreted. Joseph’s life became unbearable to his older brothers who eventually conspired against him. He rose from a slave to a ruler of Egypt and was known for his personal integrity.
Rev. Dr. Mrs. Gordon, who was the Guest Preacher, referred to Joseph’s BIBLICAL STORY in Genesis 37: 2 – 11 and 45: 4 – 8a, and said with God’s help any situation can be used for good even when others intended for evil.
She was full of praise for the DREAMERS of the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Canada, and described it as a POWERFUL DREAM. She hoped that members would continue to dream dreams.
Rev. Dr. Mrs. Gordon said as the old chapter was being closed today, a new chapter, being the Second Phase of the Church program, was opening. According to Dr. Gordon, the second phase will require “your money, your strength and good will”. The second phase comprises a gymnasium and a banquet hall to serve all people, particularly members of the church. The Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Canada, is the only immigrant Church that has been able to buy a parcel of land and build a Church House on it in Toronto, Canada.
She appealed to the congregation to be stalwarts behind the leaders of the Church to accomplish this goal.
The Rev. Raymond Baah Abekah, Resident Minister, who was the Liturgist for the anniversary day, said it was unbelievable that some members have openly declared their intentions not to pay money for the work of Almighty God; stressing that it was more blessed to give than to receive.
Rev. Baah Abekah said the money business was introduced by the Preacher, who we all clapped for at the end of her sermon and hoped that those people would rescind their decision.

The side attractions of the day were (1) the introduction of the DREAMERS, Yaw Nyarko, Theophilous Awuku, Grace Danchie, William Ofori Asiamah and George Baiden, whose wife represented him (2) the erection of 20 balloons representing each year of its inception and (3) Presentation of a plaque to Mr. George Koranteng-Asante, former Building Committee Chairman, who went round in search of a plot and eventually found the plot on which the church building is currently situated. There was tremendous applause for the job well done.
The Rev. Gordon, retired Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and Husband of Mrs. Gordon, the Guest Preacher, made the presentation on behalf of the Church, amid applause.
The celebration was preceded on Friday, September 19, 2014, by a play arranged and directed by Mrs. Suzie Barning, retired Elder of the Church, and staged by the Women’s Fellowship in the sanctuary. The Play was taken from the Gospel according to St. Matthew; Chapter 18 and entitled “THE WICKED SERVANT”.
At the end of the play, Rev. Baah Abekah urged Christians to learn to forgive and forget in order that “our sins will be forgiven by God Almighty”.
More than eleven thousand dollars was realised following an appeal for funds for the second phase. To crown it all, the Hospitality Committee of the Church, headed by Mrs. Patricia Bonsu, prepared and served a sumptuous lunch for more than 1,000 people including the Clergy, invited guests and children.

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