Holy Fire Dynamic Word International climaxes Revival

Holy Fire ChurchThe Christian Journal, Bronx NY – Preaching to climax the week- long revival of the church in the Bronx, dubbed: “Season of Emancipation,” Rev Emmanuel Amoah the guest speaker said in his sermon, sometimes we feel lost or out of sorts with all that has been shifting and changing in your lives? This is very much a time for us to reconnect to ourselves.

As energy elevates around us, it is an opportunity for us to go deeper within and ask ourselves this question, “What is missing in our lives?” we can emancipate ourselves.
We have already experienced a lot of shifting in this year and yet there is so much more to come. Although the planet is shifting, we have to remember that we have to shift our lives. To transform our community, we must first transform our lives, one-step at a time. This means coming to terms with what is no longer working or needed in your life. If you look at every issue and question, you have about your life it can be traced back to the absence of that divine direction, a missing link.

We must examine our motives carefully. Even if our motives and objectives are right, it still may not be within God’s plan. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter where we sit before the Lord, but I want to show you tonight that it does matter how we sit before the Lord. David sat before the Lord in a very productive way and received God’s favor quoting 2 Samuel 7:15

The host Prophet Eric Owusu on his part, Stressed on the absence of that divine direction that will lead us to achieve what we envision in lives as Christians. He said it is time to emancipate ourselves and enjoy the promise of the lord. Indeed this year has been a season of emancipation for the church.

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