Uganda: Miracle – What a Blessing That Sermon Was!

Uganda: Miracle – What a Blessing That Sermon Was!

The Observer (Kampala) – Honest and sobering is how I can describe Bishop Emmanuel Nsubuga’s sermon at our church, New Jerusalem Deliverance Centre in Bunamwaya.

Nsubuga, the senior pastor at Kabowa Redeemed Church is also the man behind Najja hardware stores and Najja High School. He is a businessman, farmer and preacher, which made his sermon all the more relevant. He was preaching about faithfulness to God, using his own background as testimony to not only God’s goodness, but also His wrath.

Long before any other big name in the hardware and cement business, there was Najja. Little did many know that behind its success was a preacher, whom God eventually blessed immensely, a blessing that unfortunately made him forget his obligations to God as he started putting banks, business friends and of course money before Him.

“I had so much money that in 1990 when the Gulf War was starting, I wanted to watch it on CNN and those days one could only catch the live action at Sheraton hotel, which had a dish,” he narrated.

“I went to Sheraton and inquired how much it would cost me to get a similar dish for my home, and I was told, $15,000. I ordered for it there and then. They told me I would have to pay another $5,000 for installation as well as fees to the regulatory body. I just paid.”

He drove the latest and fastest cars, partied from Wednesday to Sunday – days that had previously found him in church praying – and grew his business to stocks of 10,000 bags of cement in various stores, with sales of up to Shs 200m on a good day! Yet the more money he got, the further he withdrew from God.

A fellow pastor even came to him with a message he had received in a dream from God for Nsubuga, and “I told my evangelism secretary to give the pastor Shs 200,000; I said, it seems the pastor is not eating right, which is why he is having these bad dreams”.

But before he knew it, God showed him His other side. The school lost more than two thirds its students and the hardware business neared collapse, with just Shs 5m on its account. On top of it, he owed $2m in bank loans, and he fled to the USA for some time. But God convinced him to return to Uganda and when he did, it was to the village, where he spent five years tilling the land!

It took all these steps for him to come back to being faithful to and trusting God 100 per cent, who eventually restored him and his business ventures and today, it is a testimony he gladly shares with anyone seeking a blessing from the Almighty.

When he was done, he had demonstrated to the stunned congregation the need for us not to place our trust in anyone or anything else, but God. I was so blessed!

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