Kenya: Cardinal Loses His Bid to Gag the Press

John Cardinal NjueAttempt by John Cardinal Njue to block the media from covering a multi-million shillings property dispute in which he is a party has failed after a judge dismissed his plea.

In the case Cardinal Njue and nun Marie Therese Gachambi of the Assumption Sisters are accused of trying to take over the property of St Mary’s mission hospitals unlawfully, but the two have denied the allegations.

In his ruling High Court judge Hatari Waweru said there is no compelling reason placed before him to bar the media. He said there is no claim of misreporting by any media house for him to exercise his powers as a judge.

The judge declined to grant plea to refer the case involving management of two mission hospitals and piece of land on which they were built to arbitration. He said he could only refer the matter for arbitration if all parties involved agreed to it.

William Fryda of Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers Society in the United States claims the two want to kick him out so they can take over the property. The case has been brought against Cardinal Njue and a nun by a Catholic priest.

Njue preferred the matter to be handled through alternative dispute resolution saying the parties have common interest which require to be handled confidentially. Fryda in his suit papers says he single-handedly sourced for funds to buy the parcels of land and construction of the hospital.


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