Kwakwaduam Association Donates to Fire Victim

Untitled-1The Kwakwaduam Association Inc. of New York has donated $500.00 to Mr. Ofei Menako whose house was ravaged by Fire in New York to help defray the cost of rehabilitating his family.
The presentation was done on behalf of the Organization by the Vice President of the Kwakwaduam Association – Ms Joyce Koranteng Reid. In her presentation she indicated that the gesture was consistent with the Mission of Kwakwaduam which to help members live the American dream and to organize activities to enhance the lives of members as well those left at home.
Receiving the donation, Mr Ofei Menako said he was grateful for the progressive stance of the organization and said he was encouraged by the outpouring of sympathy and support he had received from the Organization and said he was proud to be part of Kwakwaduam Association and implored members of the general public to join Kwakwaduam because he thought it was a most classy organization
The President of the Organization, Mr. Mark Saforo reiterated the fact that Kwakwaduam Fund raising effort of Kwakwaduam this year was geared to raising funds to buy Electronic Fetal Stethescopes for Midwifery and Delivery Centers in the Akwapim Disctrict of Ghana. He said the response so far has been excellent and expected that about a 100 pieces could be potentially be supplied. He said the fundraising was still open for donations
In his comments Dr. Kwame Aniapam Boafo a Consultant to the Organization said that the Biblical saying – “Since you have done it for my brethren you have done it for me” holds true and should remind us that the best part of our lives is what we give to society

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