Kwakwaduam Association of New York Celebrates its Annual 2013 Children’s Christmas Party

Kwakwaduam Association of New York Celebrates its Annual 2013 Children’s Christmas Party

image.fwOn Jan 11th in Partnership with the World Vision, New York, the Kwakwaduam Association Inc. of New York organized its annual End of year Holidays Children’s Party. The party had been postponed because of the snow in December
The Organization launched a program specifically aimed at teaching the children Ghanaian Cultural values as well as the Ghanaian languages. It was lamented that it has been difficult to assimilate Ghanaian diasporian children into Ghanaian cultural values and languages and Kwakwaduam has on its agenda the institution of a program to do just that.

The theme and significance of the Holidays i.e.the birth of Jesus Christ was not lost to the Party as the Children were admonished to grow up and live lives that reflect the essence of Jesus Christ and gifts were distributed tot eh children
The Children were advised to study hard in school, live exemplary lives and form networks that will blossom into future opportunities. They were advised also to form networks with their counterparts in Ghana to foment future linkages.

The President of the Organization, Mr. Mark Saforo thanked the parents for their family support and pledged the Organization’s continued commitment to encouraging parenting and to continuethe scholarship award scheme for College/University entrants. It will be recalled that Kwakwaduam has as part of its agenda a Scholarship Award Program for entrance into Universities and Colleges
The family atmosphere and the cuisine that was provided by the Organizing Secretary, EmeliaOkoampahmade it worthwhile.

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