Muslim Man Involved in Massacre of 186 Christian Children Says ‘I Don’t Feel Guilty’

Muslim Man Involved in Massacre of 186 Christian Children Says ‘I Don’t Feel Guilty’
Muslim terrorist, Nurpashi Kulaev.

Muslim terrorist, Nurpashi Kulaev.

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter – As Russia launched a series of events on Sept. 1 to commemorate the Beslan school siege, one of the bloodiest terrorist attacks in that country in which 300 people died, including 186 Christian children, a decade ago, Nurpashi Kulaev, the lone surviving Muslim jihadist who took part in the massacre, sahhhh hj he feels no guilt over what he did.

“I don’t feel guilty that women and children died. … But I can say neither I nor anyone else could have saved them. Because the decisions were made by other people,” Kulaev told RT.

According to RT, 10 years ago when the incident took place, 1,128 Beslan children, teachers and parents were celebrating the first day of school when they were taken hostage by terrorists who rigged the school with explosives.

The siege lasted for three days, from Sept. 1 through Sept. 3, 2004. Some 334 people were killed and more than 700 people were wounded, according to CNN. The 32 terrorists involved in the attack were said to be followers of Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev or an international terrorist organization.

Kulaev says he doesn’t feel regret because he was just following orders from the leaders of his group and he had no idea that he was going to attack a school. The choice he made was the children or himself. He chose himself.

“They were in charge. Let them do what they want. I did what I had to do, that’s all. … Why should I have [objected to going to the school]? They would’ve killed me first,” he said.

Many mothers who lost children in the massacre have written Kulaev letters characterizing him as the devil.

“I’m not going to read it now in front of the camera,” said Kulaev when he was handed a selection of the letters through bars during his RT interview.

He noted, however, one question asked of him by a mother.

“She asked me if I want my kids to be like me. I’d really like them to be like me, sure. … But I don’t want them to share my fate. I wouldn’t want that. But I’d only be happy if they really were like me,” he said.

Grieving mothers related heartbreaking memories of the attack, including Susanna Dudieva, whose son, Zaur, died in the attack. She recalled how she felt identifying her son’s body in the morgue.

“As I entered, I only saw his heels but I knew it was Zaur. … I went up to him. His chest was wounded. It was broken. I could see his bones and, as far as I understand, I saw his heart. He was so handsome. His face was untouched. His hands and head were a little burned, but nothing else was wounded. Just his chest and head,” she said.

Alevtina Khanaeva, who lost her daughter in the massacre, wished she had the power to inflict pain on Kulaev.

“I wish I could or would want to curse you or your children. … There’s nothing more painful than seeing your child die when you can’t help!” she said.

According to Alevtina Luchnikova, the senior psychologist at the penal colony where Kulaev is being held, said that regardless of what he says he does feel pain over the massacre.

“When I talked to him, he confessed he often has nightmares. He sees blood coming from the walls,” she said.

“A terrorist’s logic is distorted. … It’s based on emotions, there’s no common sense left. They believe in some mission based on some religion which is also distorted. I don’t know any religion that would approve of murdering children,” she explained.

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