Namibia: Church to the Aid of Destitute

Namibia: Church to the Aid of Destitute

(By Loide Jason) Omitara — The newly established Jubilee Ministries Congregation on Saturday donated food and second-hand clothing to hundreds of Omitara residents.

Pastor Chris Jonathan of Jubilee Ministries Congregation says the church decided to visit Omitara to make the donation. About 800 people received maize meal, macaroni, rice, coffee, tea, sugar, bread and toothpaste. They also received clothing, plus shoes, from the church. Omitara is a rural backwater in the Okaukamba (formerly Steinhausen) constituency in the Omaheke Region. “We were approached by a farmer named Ben Pretorius from Omitara who notified us that there is a great need among people living in Omitara, because there are no economic activities taking place there for people to earn something to be able to buy food,” said the pastor.

The church was established three years ago and it runs a soup kitchen to feed needy learners. The soup kitchen caters for about 100 learners every Monday. And church leaders say they are planning to extend the programme, so that they can feed up to 250 learners from different schools. “The money is from the church’s own pocket and our next outreach will be Outjo,” said the pastor.

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