NCOGA to put fun back into Independence Celebration

NCOGA to put fun back into  Independence Celebration

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March 6 the day that the good Lord gave Ghanaians to free themselves of the yoke of a foreign usurper is once again creeping up on them. It is a day that Ghanaians love to “do something’ – if only to remind themselves of what used to be; if only to step out of time for a moment and count their blessings; if only to celebrate achievements (however miniscule) that has attended the times; if only to list their tragedies and failures (as detractors love to); if only to observe a moment’s silence in reverential salute to those who have gone on who battled the denizens of colonialism to lit freedom’s torch; if only to gaze through the blinding glare of the future and ponder what’s ahead for generations to come; if only to scream at the top of their voices “country broke, country no broke, ibi our own”!

Somewhere in there lies a good reason or reasons why the New York based National Council of Ghanaian Associations will on March 8th call on Ghanaians once more to celebrate the 57th anniversary day of independence.
It being that New York has the enviable reputation of being home to the largest concentration of Ghanaians in this part of the world, our party is always huge and glamorous, befitting a city which is arguably the world’s capital.

The tradition continues this year, on March 8, 2014. The venue is the grand ball room of the glitzy Maestro’s Banquet Hall located in the trendy neighborhoods of the Bronx, 1703 Bronxdale Avenue, prime time 9 p.m. till 3 the next morning.

For a small donation of $100 to pay hosting costs and provide the only source of financing for the Council, patrons will be treated to “Six Hours of Solid Fun and Entertainment!” – a three-course dinner, an open bar, wide range of dance music, life TV/ radio
coverage, patriotic songs by a youth group, a video documentary on Ghana,
cameo appearances by a jazz impresario and a celebrated gospel group.

The Council guarantees two treats this year — PROMPTNESS and ENTERTAINMENT!! To this end, this year’s event will see a very strict adherence to the 9 p.m. start time as well as the elimination of speeches and other time consuming formalities that tend to dull the party. We are taking out tardiness and putting the fun back into what is the people’s event.

NCOGA as always, is striving to live up to the peoples’ wishes. Join in and take over a day that rightfully belongs to Ghanaians!

For advance tickets, please call 718-690-6873, 914-473-4792, 347-780-0630, 917-445-9116, 646-895-1387, 914-646-8375

NCOGA Secretariat, New York

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