Nigeria: Christian Elders Urge Proactive Measures on Insurgency

Nigeria: Christian Elders Urge Proactive Measures on Insurgency

Daily Trust, Kano — The Christian Elders’ Forum of Northern States (NOSCEF) has asked the federal government to be more proactive in curtailing the Boko Haram insurgency, saying Nigeria cannot be broken by insurgents.

The chairman and national secretary of the forum, Olaiya Phillips and Emmanuel Subilim, said in statement that attacks by the insurgents lack comprehensible logic.

“If the thousands of innocent civilians killed already this year are not evidence enough of Boko Haram’s immoral disregard for the sanctity of human life, last weekend and Monday’s atrocities can leave no room for doubt. They have attacked Christians and Muslims indiscriminately in their quest to impose a radical interpretation of their religion. They have killed teachers and students in their pursuit to prevent northern Nigerians from educating themselves. They have attacked men and women, old and young. We are incensed by the callous actions of Boko Haram and their criminal affiliates for every single attack that they have committed, for every single life they have taken and for every family they have tried to break. Nigeria will not be broken,” they said.

While consoling families of the victims of Monday’s blast in Abuja, the forum commended security forces in their effort to rid the country of insurgents.

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