President Obama To Visit Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania

President Obama To Visit Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania

barack-obama-boston-marathon-explosions-bombings(VOA NEWS) The White House says U.S. President Barack Obama will travel to Africa this summer, visiting three countries.

In a statement Monday, the White House says President Obama along with his wife, Michelle, will travel to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania in late June and early July.

The administration says Obama will meet with government officials as well as leaders from business, civil society and youth groups.

It says the trip – from June 26 to July 3 – will reinforce the close ties between the United States and sub-Saharan Africa.

President Obama, whose father is from Kenya, traveled to the region once during his presidency, visiting Ghana in 2009. Michelle Obama has also traveled to South Africa and Botswana during her time as first lady.

The White House says the upcoming trip will focus on strengthening economic growth, democratic institutions, and African leadership.

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