Uganda: Christian Lawyers to Fight ‘Evil’ Laws

By Pascal Kwesiga (THE NEW VISION) Christian lawyers have resolved to ensure that Uganda and other African governments do not enact laws that encourage evil practices.

The judges and lawyers from 20 African countries said enacting laws that encourage evil practices have potential to erode morals, cultural values and the institution of the family on the continent.

They observed that South Africa was grappling with a myriad of challenges for passing laws that encourage evil practices such as abortion and same sex marriages.

The former president of the Advocates Africa Conference that brings together Christian lawyers from across the continent, Teresa Conranie said that many people in South Africa have lost respect for life as a result of the legalization of abortion.

Speaking at the end of the 10th Advocates Africa Conference at Speke Resort hotel Munyonyo in Kampala, Conranie attributed the rising cases of violence in South Africa to the passing of the evil law that legalizes “killing of unborn babies” saying “If it’s okay for your girlfriend to kill your unborn baby, why would it difficult for someone to kill you and take your mobile phone?”

She advised lawyers in countries where such laws have not been passed to engage lawmakers in lobbying and advocacy campaigns to ensure laws that erode respect for life are not enacted.

“First of all as Christian lawyers we should try to ensure that these laws are not passed. We have the capacity to engage governments in lobbying and advocacy campaigns against what we see as evil laws,” Conranie added.

She added that “The church in South Africa is facing a tough challenge in trying to deal with the issue of same sex marriages that were legalized. Same sex couples are turning up at churches asking to be wedded and priests are having a tough time.”

High Court judge, Mike Chibita said “We pray that evil laws are not passed in Uganda. I belong to one of the arms of government and so I cannot go to Parliament to lobby for the laws that should be passed.”

He however observed that only laws that respect the sanctity of life should be passed. The president of Uganda Christian Laws Federation, Edward Sekabanja said “The good thing we don’t have laws that support evil at the moment but we would be ready to deal with them.”

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