We cannot develop without peace and unity – Ambassador Martha Ama Akyaa Pobee

We cannot develop without peace and unity – Ambassador Martha Ama Akyaa Pobee

The Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Ghana’s Permanent Mission to United Nations, Her Excellency Mrs Martha Ama Akyaa Pobee has reminded Ghanaians the need to sustain the peace and unity the country is enjoying since our development depends on them.

She made this call during a Thanksgiving Service organized by the Ghana Mission in New York in collaboration with the Church of Pentecost Inc., to mark the 62nd Independence Day Anniversary of Ghana.

“Peace and unity remain an invaluable prerequisite for achieving sustainable development, and in that regard, this year’s Independence Celebration theme of peace and unity cannot be overemphasized,” The Ambassador said.

She was positive that, despite the good policies, programs and concrete proposals of successive governments, Ghana’s development would be shortchanged without peace and unity.

Her Excellency Mrs Martha Pobee also took the opportunity to touch on respect for each other. “National unity does not necessarily imply homogeneity but advocacy for respect of diversity and shared values and experiences,” she said.

She explained to the congregation how the variations of diversity and harmony we experience in this world all point us to God. The Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit operating as one God exemplifies the need for us to live together peacefully and as one.

She lauded the church for its role in the provision of welfare and support to the Ghana missions across the globe and advocated for a continuous concerted effort to helping Ghanaians living abroad.

Prayers were offered for the country for God to give wisdom to the leaders in forming and implementing policies that will help mitigate the plights of the people.

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