Ghana: Word Miracle Church International changes its name

(Peacefmonline) One of the renowned charismatic churches in the country, Word Miracle Church International (WMCI), has changed its name to Perez Chapel International.

Most Reverend Dr. Charles Agyin-Asare said on Sunday that the change in name was part of the church’s strategy to “make a breakthrough in countries where the gospel is sometimes restricted.”

In his sermon titled, ‘Change of name’, in the church’s magnificent auditorium at Dzorwulu Junction, Accra, Bishop Agyin-Asare cited famous people in the Holy Bible who God changed their names to make a meaningful impact on the lives of other.

He said: “it is not because we have gone bankrupt or done something wrong, it is because of the new dimensions we have assumed and the places we want to reach.”

“We do not want to limit the spreading of the gospel. We want everybody no matter where they find themselves to experience the power of God.”

Bishop Agyin-Asare said: “there are places where preaching the word of God is restricted and if the name Word Miracle is going to be a hindrance why don’t we change it.”

“Our core mission has not changed it is the name and identification that has changed. We have not abandoned Ghana, and we will remain committed to the gospel in this country.”

Bishop Agyin-Asare, who has led WMCI to perform healings, prophetic ministrations, among others, has held worldwide crusade in which people accepted Christ.

He held crusades in almost all the continents on the globe and visited countries including Pakistan, Brazil, Japan, India among others, to preach the gospel.

According to Bishop Agyin-Asare, ‘Perez’ biblically means ‘breakthrough.’

“The name change is a statement of purpose, it is a step to fulfill destiny, send the good news to many, heal the sick, chart new paths for the lost and transform generations.”

He said: “it will reinforce the significant milestone the church had chalked and reach people to experience the spiritual impact derived from God and embrace its message.”

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